Membership Information

Membership in Local, Regional, and National Hosta Societies

Through a coordinated effort, national, regional and local hosta societies promote education, research, and camaraderie. All are not-for-profit groups and depend on volunteerism and support from their members.

Research is typically commissioned by the American Hosta Society (AHS) and is at least partially funded by regional and local societies. Both the Midwest Regional Hosta Society (MRHS) and the Central Illinois Hosta Society (CIHS) have been significant financial contributors, supporting research and other worthy endeavors of the AHS.

Detailed information regarding the benefits of membership in the following hosta societies is posted on our Resources page.

Central Illinois Hosta Society

Fee: $15 per couple (or individual) - 1 year, or $10 per year if the electronic Newsletter option is chosen.

Send dues to:
P.O. Box 3098
Peoria, IL 61612-3098
Printable CIHS Membership Form

Midwest Regional Hosta Society

Fee: $20 - 2 years

Send dues to:
Barb Schroeder, Treasurer
1819 Coventry Drive
Champaign, IL 61822-5239
Printable MRHS Membership Form

American Hosta Society

Individual Fee: $30 - 1 year; $80 - 3 years; $129 - 5 years
Family Fee: $34 - 1 year; $90 - 3 years; $146 - 5 years

Send dues to:
Sandie Markland
AHS Memebership Secretary
P.O. Box 7539 Kill Devil Hills, NC 27948
Printable AHS Membership Form